Proposed ordinance aims to preserve affordable housing in Woodlawn near future Obama Presidential Center

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new deal has been proposed to preserve affordable housing near the proposed Obama Presidential Center in Woodlawn.

Members of the Obama CBA Coalition along with Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor announced Wednesday plans to move forward with the CBA Housing Ordinance.

The proposed ordinance would set affordable housing requirements for future developments in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

According to the Obama CBA Coalition, the CBA Housing Ordinance will set aside 52 vacant lots for real affordable housing. It will also create a rehab program to preserve real affordable housing and will give tenants the first right to purchase their homes if the owner decides to sell.

The ordinance will also provide grant money to help working class homeowners make repairs, and provide grant money for working class people to access homeownership.

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The group said although they are happy with the progress of the current ordinance, however they will continue to push for other amendments including an amendment that will allow recently displaced Woodlawn residents to be given preference for newly built affordable units on City land in Woodlawn.

The ordinance still needs City Council approval.
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