Hit Broadway musical 'Peter Pan' takes the stage at Nederlander Theatre

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Thursday, March 28, 2024
Broadway musical 'Peter Pan' takes the stage at Nederlander Theatre
Broadway is in Chicago! Guests from the musical "Peter Pan" discussed the show at Nederlander Theatre, and their new take on a previously controversial story.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Peter Pan" is flying into Chicago in a new take on the classic story.

Larissa FastHorse, additional book writer for the play, joined ABC7 Chicago Wednesday to explain the new version of the story that is taking the stage at James M. Nederlander Theatre.

"It's such a beloved story for generations, so we really wanted to be sure that we kept everything that people loved about 'Peter Pan.' We kept the magic, we kept the things that you experienced as a child, and then we updated it, so it doesn't cause harm," she said.

FastHorse's adaptation addresses the history of the tribe of kids in Neverland, which has been controversial in previous versions of the story.

FastHorse said the original depiction of the tribe portrayed an unnamed group that was Neverland to be hunted. As indigenous people, this depiction was not something FastHorse's parents wanted her to witness.

"We wanted to make sure that this [new version] was a 'Peter Pan' for everybody," she said.

The tribe in the new musical is made up of the last members of extinct cultures.

"We took these tribes that are about to lose their culture here on earth and they go to Neverland to be saved. So now Neverland is a positive thing for these people," FastHorse said.

Actor Cody Garcia said, "All of the costumes for the people that are in the tribe are based on the actor's actual cultural identity. They're all designed for the actor."

Garcia has a unique challenge, playing Captain Hook and Mr. Darling in the musical.

"Not a lot of people know that I'm both," he said, "I love the juxtaposition, and people finding out that I play both is a lot of fun."

"Peter Pan" is at the Nederlander Theatre through April 7.

Tickets can be found at peterpanontour.com.