Kirk's dik-dik antelope born at Brookfield Zoo

BROOKFIELD, ill. (WLS) -- A Kirk's dik-dik - a small antelope found in Africa - is the newest addition to the Brookfield Zoo. The zoo announced Thursday that the baby antelope was born on June 4 weighing just 1.5 pounds.

Due to a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Kirk's dik-dik Species Survival Plan, the young dik-dik is being raised by animal care staff who are bottle-feeding the baby antelope four to five times a day.

The Kirk's dik-dik is one of the world's smallest species of antelopes. When members of the species are fully grown, they only weigh 12 to 14 pounds and measure 14-16 inches at the shoulder.

Currently, there are only 33 dik-dik antelopes in 15 accredited zoos in North America.

The young antelope only has outdoor access before the zoo opens. However, a pair of adult dik-diks can be seen during operating hours.
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