Man walking dog spots 5-foot alligator in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- An alligator was spotting wandering the streets of a Pittsburgh neighborhood Thursday night.

"Somebody was walking their dog in Beechview, looked over toward a garage and saw this guy just hanging out. He's a pretty big guy... so we were pretty shocked to see somebody this size out roaming around," said Humane Animal Rescue CEO Dan Rossi.

Pittsburgh police and animal control took the alligator into custody, reported WTAE. They said he's not very friendly and was hissing, a sign he's afraid or upset. Eventually he'll be moved to an organization in New Jersey that works with reptiles and ultimately end up at a sanctuary in Florida.

No one's put a tape measure to him, but he's about five feet long.

"Apparently he's not a real friendly guy, and again it could be because of being left outside or dumped, or being afraid, we're not exactly sure," Rossi said. "But from what he can see right now, he's not a very friendly guy, so we're taking a lot of cautions while we're dealing with him and working with him here."