Naperville police officer rescues newborn fawn after deer struck by car

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A Naperville police officer saved the life of a newborn fawn after her mother was fatally struck by a car on Memorial Day.

According to a post on the Naperville Police Department's Facebook Page, Officer Matt Minuth responded to a crash in the southwest suburb where a car hit a pregnant deer.

The doe died at the scene, but her fawn was born shortly after she passed. Minuth saw the newborn had broken her leg in utero and acted quickly, wrapping her in a towel and placing her in his squad car, the post said.

Animal Control brought her to Oaken Acres Wildlife Center, a state-licensed animal rehab facility in west suburban Sycamore, for treatment. They put a cast on her leg to help it heal. Police said only a day after the crash, the fawn was standing and able to take a bottle.

In the Facebook post, police warned drivers to slow down if they see a deer cross the road, since seeing one is typically a signal that there are more to come. Police said does travel together.

Police also warned people to stay away from fawns they may see curled up alone. They are usually born in June and left alone by their mothers - until they're ready to nurse - so that they don't attract predators. Although it may seem like the baby deer are alone, their mothers are not far away.
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