Dozens of neglected dogs removed from Glencoe house

GLENCOE, Ill. (WLS) -- Dozens of dogs living in deplorable conditions were removed from a house in north suburban Glencoe, officials said.

Animal Control rescued 35 dogs from the hoarding situation Thursday morning. Most of them are believed to be cocker spaniel mixes.

"The first truck had five, six, seven, and they just kept coming," said Dr. Jacob Levin, Glencoe Animal Hospital.

"Some dogs we're having to sedate just to shave them and one dog took about two hours just to shave it," said Dr. Sara Grogman, Glencoe Animal Hospital. "It's hard just to fully evaluate the dogs until they get cleaned up. We're finding skin infections underneath the matts. Some ear tips have become so infected and necrotic they're been coming off, some tail tips are coming off."

Out of the 29 dogs received at the animal hospital, five had to be euthanized. Those who have been taken care of are being moved to Highland Park's Tails of Hope Rescue, where they will be cared for until they can be adopted. For some, it may be months before they are ready.

"A lot of them are very afraid, but one of them has really started to come out," said Kelly Moyer, Tails of Hope. "She actually played with a toy which was fabulous to see, going up to people which is great, so we're encouraged all of them will be able to find homes."

Tails of Hope is looking for people to donate supplies and money to help support the dogs during the time it takes to get them all adopted.

The Glencoe Police Department said they discovered the situation when they were responding to a well-being request. No charges have been filed yet.
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