DREAM JOB: How to get paid for eating pizza

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Friday, September 21, 2018
One company is looking to hire a few good pizza lovers.
One company is looking to hire a few good pizza lovers.

Ever wish you could get paid for eating pizza? The dream job has become a reality.

Ooni, the makers of home pizza ovens, is looking for a few good pizza lovers for what they're calling "The Best Job in the World."

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The company says they are hiring multiple people for a number of Pizza Taste Tester roles.

The roles will be "a unique mix of recipe development, product testing and brand ambassadorship."

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According to the job description, if you have experience making pizza dough and cooking pizza you may have an advantage over the competition.

Ooni says candidates can be based from anywhere in the world.

If you're hired, the company claims it will send you one of their pizza ovens so you can start cooking/working.

It's a paid freelance position, and your pay will be dependent on your experience.

If you think you think you're a qualified pizza connoisseur you can find more about the job on ooni's website.