Police cars vandalized in Loop during recognition ceremony

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More than half a dozen police cars were vandalized outside the Chicago Police Recognition Ceremony Friday. (WLS)

More than half a dozen Chicago police cars were vandalized on Lower Wacker Drive outside the Chicago Police Recognition Ceremony Friday.

Police said one person is in custody and was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for a mental evaluation.

The seven vehicles mostly suffered smashed windows. Police did not say what was used to break the windows, but there are rocks on the ground nearby. The cars are not driveable and officers are waiting for their vehicles to be towed.

Officers noticed the damaged as they returned to their cars after attending a recognition ceremony and luncheon at a nearby hotel.

"It was beautiful, as it has been for the many years they've been doing the ceremony, but unfortunately on the outside we had a little bit of other action going on and this is what, this is what happened," said Lt. Maryet Hall.

"My lieutenant was telling here that someone vandalized a bunch of cars by breaking out the windows, and I was like 'That's so bad! That's terrible!' and then as I keep walking I see, oh, I was one of the cars that was vandalized," said Cmdr. Cindy Sam.

Officers said the vandalism has been a major inconvenience, and it doesn't compare to what they see on the streets each day.

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