Woman, children accidentally pulled over by Texas police at gunpoint

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Saturday, August 23, 2014
Family pulled over
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Police in Foney, TX pulled over a car filled with children by mistake while searching for a group of adult male suspects

FORNEY, TX -- Shocking new dash cam video shows a young mother being pulled over at gun point by police in Forney, Texas, all while her four little kids were in the car. Police admit they made a mistake but are refusing to apologize.

Kametra Barbour says she was driving four children under the age of 10 home when she was suddenly stopped and surrounded by police.


Barbour was told to exit the vehicle with her hands above her head. Police then shackled them in cuffs right in front of her children.


The traffic stop was in response to a 911 caller who had told dispatch four black men were waiving a gun out the window of a beige- or tan-colored Toyota.

The problem: Barbour's car is a burgundy red Nissan Maxima.

It wasn't until Barbour's 6-year-old son, Ryan, came out of the car with his hands up too that police realized they had made a mistake.

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The officers then quickly went to work trying to calm down the now terrified children.


The police department defends the traffic stop saying the officers responded appropriately to what they believed was a dangerous situation

"For the nature of the call - that a weapon was involved - yes," said Detective Clay with the Forney Police Department told ABC affiliate WFAA.

You can watch the full dash cam video below or by clicking here.