Lawmakers call on Bruce Rauner to release tax return

Two Democratic state lawmakers are calling on Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner to release his 2013 tax return and other tax information.

Majority leader Barbara Flynn Currie and Senator Mike Hastings say what he's made public so far, doesn't show the whole picture, and they claim he's not paying federal taxes at the same rate as others with the kind of wealth he has.

"I have no doubt that Mr. Rauner was within his rights to avoid taxes. I'm sure it was legal. But I think we the people have a right to know how in the world it happened," said State Rep. Flynn Currie.

In a statement, a Rauner campaign spokesperson said in part: "This is nothing but a political stunt. Bruce has paid every penny of tax he owed, he has already voluntarily released far more tax information than he's required to, and he's disclosed every business interest he has in Illinois."
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