4 charged with attacking Mt. Greenwood restaurant employees; prosecutors reveal new details in court

ByABC7 Chicago Digital Team, Karen Jordan, and Tre Ward WLS logo
Wednesday, June 26, 2024
4 men charged with attacking SW Side restaurant workers
New video Tuesday night shows the moments when Andrew Fedyk, Harry Kenny, Frank Paris and John Powers were arrested.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- On Tuesday night, 61-year-old Nick Barraco remains in the hospital with, ABC7 is told, a fractured skull and a brain bleed after what police said was a violent attack at his business over the weekend.

New video Tuesday night shows the moments when four suspects were arrested.

Police swarmed a street in Mt. Greenwood in a doorbell video from early Sunday morning.

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Officers arrested four 20-year-old men following a violent attack at nearby Barraco's restaurant on 111th Street.

Moments before they arrived, you can see one of the men apparently trying to duck behind a vehicle as police pulled up.

Andrew Fedyk, Harry Kenny, Frank Paris, and John Powers - all from separate western suburbs, are now each charged with multiple counts of aggravated battery - accused in an attack that left 61-year-old Barraco with a serious head injury.

The arrests took place right outside of Breanne Cichy's home on Albany Avenue.

"I hope they learn something from it. It is not worth it, getting the charge," Cichy said.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors said the four men were asked to leave the restaurant because they were intoxicated and urinating on the bathroom floor.

Prosecutors say that is when the defendants became belligerent, getting into a fight at about 1:40 a.m. with four employees and punching Barraco.

Each suspect has their own private attorney.

The defense showed video in court that they say reveals more to the story.

"We presented a video, today, that showed that it was, in our position, the bouncers who were the aggressors," said Powers' attorney, Damon Cheronis.

"Particularly, in respect to my client, Mr. Paris, it shows that he is sort of hunted down the street. He is attacked," said Mike Leonard, Paris' attorney.

Alderman Matt O'Shea, who represents the 19th Ward, says his longtime friend Barraco is out of the ICU and is conscious on Tuesday night.

"I hope these four individuals who will be going home to their families tonight realize what they did Saturday night," O'Shea said.

This comes as messages of support are plastered around the neighborhood for a man described as pillar in the community for decades.

"Some thugs come into the neighborhood, and they take advantage of good people. And why does bad things happen to good people?" said Mike Cummings, a longtime friend and the owner of McNally's.

The judge in court said it is clear this was an alcohol-related incident and that the suspects do not pose a threat to the public.

They were released and are due back in court Monday.

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