Disney announces new lineup of animated TV titles

Series announcements and first looks at "Disney Jr.'s Ariel," "Moon Girl" and "SuperKitties"

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Series announcements and first looks at "Disney Jr.'s Ariel," "Moon Girl" and "SuperKitties"
Disney Branded Telesivion

LOS ANGELES -- At the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Disney Branded Television (DBT) announced a lineup of new animated projects focusing on content for preschoolers and kid-focused entertainment. The announcement includes first looks at the much-anticipated "Disney Jr.'s Ariel" and "Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Moon Girl's Lab," and new information on new seasons of "Big City Greens" and "Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures."

This year, the studio celebrates its 40-year anniversary. President of DBT, Ayo Davis, commented on the momentous occasion.

"Disney Branded Television is proud of our four-decade legacy of creating magical and visually stunning animation beloved by young audiences around the world," said Davis. "It's a momentous year at Annecy, as we celebrate our studio's milestone anniversary and showcase some of our most exciting new projects and creative talent that are ushering us into a new era of storytelling."

Below is a list of the new Disney Jr. and Disney Television Animation titles and first looks.

New series:

"Prep & Landing: The Snowball Protocol" (22-minute special)

The high-tech team of elves is back in the newest installment of the Emmy-winning holiday specials. When their holiday missions go awry, Wayne thinks he is in BIG trouble with Santa, which opens a vault of merry mishaps from the past.

"Prep & Landing: The Snowball Protocol" will debut next year.

"Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Moon Girl's Lab" (Shorts)

Rock those adaptations! When the thieving Bone Raider robs the history museum, Moon Girl realizes it's time to put Devil Dinosaur's all-natural evolutions on display.

Moon Girl is dropping knowledge and bars, using the power of science to take down the bad guys! This new short-form series is a musical, S.T.E.M.-focused series, touching on themes of adaptations, states of matter, plans, force and motion, light, echolocation and coding. The series will include eight shorts, each featuring a new song from GRAMMY Award-winner Raphael Saadiq.

"Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Moon Girl's Lab" premieres Friday, June 28 on Disney Channel and Disney Channel Youtube, and will be available on Disney+ that day.

"SuperKitties: Sup-Purr Adventures" (Shorts)

It's time for a SuperKitties Su-Purr Adventure! Bitsy makes a video on her Kittycorder to show "How to Dress Like a SuperKitty," highlighting the supersuits and superpowers of all the SuperKitties.

Inspired by 2023's No. 1 new preschool series, "SuperKitties," this new short-form series features Bitsy, Sparks and Buddy as they showcase their superhero skills and kitty kindness! The trio will work together to make Kittydale and great place to live.

"SuperKitties: Sup-Purr Adventures" will premiere Wednesday, August 7, on Disney Jr. and Disney Channel and next day, Thursday, August 8, on Disney+ and Disney Jr. YouTube.

Series renewals:

"Big City Greens" (Season five)

Cricket Green and his family are back for another season of "Big City Greens!" The series follows the offbeat adventures of 10-year-old Cricket Green (voiced by Chris Houghton), a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moved to the big city with his wildly out-of-place family. "Big City Greens" was the No. 2 most-watched kids animated series of 2023.

"Big City Greens" and their new movie "Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation" are streaming now on Disney+.

Premiere date announcements:

"Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures" (Season two)

"Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures"
"Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures"
Disney Branded Television

Season two of the hits series has a premiere date!

Viewers can join Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay and Nubs on more adventures across the galaxy Wednesday, August 14 on Disney+ and Disney Jr..

First looks:

"Disney Jr.'s Ariel"

A clip from the premiere episode of "Disney Jr.'s Ariel."

Disney's beloved princess Ariel is back in the all new Disney Jr. series, "Disney Jr.'s Ariel," and we have a first look! The show follows the eight-year-old Ariel, who embarks on adventures under the sea with her mermaid friends, adorable sea creatures and fan-favorite characters.

The series debuts Thursday, June 27, on Disney Jr. with an initial batch of eight episodes available on Disney+ the following day.

"Kindergarten: The Musical"

Check out the theme song for Disney Jr.'s "Kindergarten: The Musical!" Coming soon to Disney Jr. and Disney+!

The new Disney Jr. series follows five-year-old Berti, who, along with her new friends, is navigating all the exciting and emotional experiences that come with starting school for the very first time. The main title theme song is performed by GRAMMY Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated singer Eva Noblezada. The series uses Broad-way style song and dance numbers to express big feelings and allow imaginations to flourish.

"Kindergarten: The Musical" will premiere on Disney Jr. and Disney+ later this year.


Watch the main title for the new Disney Channel series, "StuGo," starring Pliny, Merian, Chip, Larry, Sara, Francis and MORE!

The new series follows six overambitious middle schoolers tricked into attending a fake academic summer camp by a mad scientist. Now they're stuck for three months on a wild tropical island with mind-reading manatees, giant fighting fungi and fashion-forward mutants less academia than they'd hoped for but a lot more adventure.

"StuGo" will premiere this fall on Disney Channel and Disney+.

"The Doomies"

"The Doomies"
"The Doomies"
Disney Branded Television

This new spooky comedy animated series follows best friends Bobby and Romy, who accidentally open a gateway to the underworld! Soon, their sleepy coastal town is turned into a hotspot for terrifying creatures. The duo must work to cover up their mess, but an epic monster mystery may sneak up on them!

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