O'Hare modernization: City unveils designs for Satellite Concourse 1 at O'Hare Global Terminal

ByABC7 Chicago Digital Team, Jessica D'Onofrio, and Evelyn Holmes WLS logo
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
City unveils design for new O'Hare Airport satellite concourses
In the latest Chicago O'Hare terminal expansion news, designs for Satellite 1 Concourse 1 were unveiled, including homages to the airport's past.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago O'Hare Airport expansion and modernization project took another step forward Tuesday as Mayor Brandon Johnson joined the Department of Aviation to unveil the design of O'Hare's Satellite Concourse 1.

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Satellite Concourse 1 will include new gate lounges, retail shops, seating areas and other amenities. Other design elements include a skylight roof and a floating walkway.

"This is a once in a generation expansion," Johnson said. "It's an opportunity to show the bright future of the City of Chicago."

It's the first major component of the expansion and modernization project known as the O'Hare 21 Terminal Area Plan meant to transform the face of the big airport.

The project will add 19 new gates as an extension of the existing Concourse C. Executives from United and American airlines reached a deal with the city to rebuild Terminal 2 earlier this month, and celebrated the plans.

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"This phasing plan will prioritize the replacement of small regional gates with mainline international capable gates," Vice President for United Airlines Corporate Real Estate Brandon Fair said.

"We are committed to work together in lock step to preserve O'Hare and its status as an important connecting hub in our global network," Executive Vice President American Airlines Nate Gatten said.

The multi-billion dollar project was funded in part by the airlines, and is expected to create around 3,800 jobs.

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Work began in March of 2023 with the construction of several temporary taxiways.

"This is right in the heart of operations for both of our carriers and so working directly with them and making sure that we're minimizing those operational impacts and doing it in the most cost effective was is what our goal is over the next several months," Commissioner Chicago Department of Aviation Jamie Rhee said.

The current timeline calls for the completion of the Satellite Concourse 1 as an extension of Concourse C in 2028, according to the website.

If the budget allows, construction of a second satellite concourse and a tunnel connecting it with the first satellite concourse would be completed.

The new design includes an homage to the orchard fields that once occupied O'Hare airport, according to one of the designers. | FULL PRESS CONFERENCE