Local musician fears for husband in Jamaica as Hurricane Beryl bears down as Category 4 storm

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Thursday, July 4, 2024
Local musician fears for husband in Jamaica as hurricane bears down
Joanna Connor, who moved from La Grange to Jamaica in June with her new husband, is anxiously waiting to hear from him as Hurricane Beryl bears down.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Joanna Connor moved from La Grange to Jamaica in June, but is here in Chicago staying with her daughter as she travels for her work as a musicians. She fears for her husband, their pets and their home on the island as Hurricane Beryl bears down on them.

"It could be as bad as people losing everything. We just don't know right now," she said. "I have a feeling in my gut that's terrible. I've been feeling nervous and worried trying to keep up with different news outlets."

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Connor said it's been hours since she's been able to talk to her husband by phone.

"I'm trying to hold on. I go between panic, worry and feeling he's going to be okay," she said.

The newlywed couple is only able to communicate through WhatsApp. Her husband Ruschard called the conditions on the island "bad" while sending audio messages through the app.

"I wish I had a better shelter than this. The breeze is blowing so hard, my love," one message says.

"I'd much rather be there. It does feel helpless and it's kind of like I've had nightmares about being in a disaster and I can't get to the people I love and I'm like whoa it's actually happening," said Connor.

The category four storm Is now the most powerful hurricane Jamaica has faced in more than 15 years. The island is under a state of emergency and was declared a disaster zone hours before impact.

"I worry that even after the hurricane hits, if it's not so bad what's going to happen, how long will it take to get power, how long will people be stuck somewhere, when will food come into the grocery stores?" said Connor.

The Hurricane Beryl is expected to weaken as it moves west, but Connor is worried about the aftermath it will leave. She asks that people pray for her family and all those impacted by the storm.