Riot Fest 2024 moves to SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview, full lineup announced

Riot Fest 2024 lineup includes Fall Out Boy, Beck, Slayer, Pavement, St. Vincent, The Offspring and more

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Thursday, June 13, 2024
Riot Fest 2024 moves to SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview
Riot Fest is moving to the 'burbs. The music festival will be held at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview from Sept. 20 to the 22. Headliners include Fall Out Boy, Beck and Slayer.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Riot Fest music festival is moving to the suburbs, making a new home at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview, near Midway Airport.

The music festival will take place from Sept. 20 to the 22, and has redubbed the southwest suburban soccer stadium "RiotLand" for the event.

The punk, rock and hip hop festival has been holding the big summer event in Douglass Park since 2015, after moving out of Humboldt Park.

The festival's founder released a video statement Tuesday night saying change was needed and that it left solely because of the Chicago Park District and what the founder calls the park district's lack of care for the community.

Festival management and some residents around Douglas Park have been at odds over issues like access to the park and noise during the course of the multi-day music fest.

Some neighbors Wednesday morning said it's a bummer to see it go, while others are happy it's going elsewhere.

"I'm actually pretty sad that they're leaving you know," neighbor Cesar Estrada said. "I understand that people in the community didn't really appreciate their presence here but I'll be sad to see them go."

"It creates a lot of strain on the neighborhood," resident Vanessa Cook said. "We obviously live right across from the park so it's not easy. It's not easy having them here. They close the park for three to four weeks prior and then the take down takes a week to two weeks afterwards."

The Chicago Park District said they learned indirectly that the organizers didn't want to go forward with the September event in Douglass Park and that their permit application is currently still pending approval, which is set to be voted on Wednesday.

They said they worked tirelessly to strike a balance between the community and the organizers.

But Wednesday morning, 24th Ward Alderwoman Monique Scott says the event which has been in her community for seven years, had widespread support.

She believes the park district dragged their feet and gave the festival the run around as a result of pressure from a small group of people.

"It takes money and time and calls and artists and you're gonna make the announcement in June but your concert is in September?" she said of the district's actions.

Scott said losing what was Riot Fest, which drew 50,000 concert-goers, is a big blow to her ward.

"We've been a disinvested community for 60 plus years and 52 years of my life," Scott said. "And this was the right investment we needed to add some impact and people into a dying community."

Chicago Red Stars game scheduled at SeatGeek Stadium on 2nd day of Riot Fest

The Chicago Red Stars are also scheduled to play at SeatGeek Sept. 21, against the San Diego Wave FC.

In a statement, the team said, "It is unfair and unfortunate to have our club put in this situation, shining a light on the vast discrepancies in the treatment of women's professional sports versus men's professional sports. We are committed to ensuring our players and fans have a first-rate experience on and off pitch, and we are working diligently to find a solution that will ensure our September 21st game is a success."

The Village of Bridgeview said they are negotiating with the team over the September 21 date.

Bridgeview spokesman Ray Hanania said in a statement, "In October 2019 when the Red Stars renewed their agreement with the Village for the use of Bridgeview Stadium, they signed a contract in which they expressly agreed that the Village had the right to host concurrent events at the facility.

"Indeed, over the past decade virtually all professional teams that played at the Stadium, including the Fire, the Hounds, and the Red Stars themselves -- have moved games or worked successfully with the Village to hold concurrent events without issues.

"The Red Stars were informed of the possibility of the need to move their September 21 match due to Riot Fest in April 2024. As soon as discussions with Riot Fest were completed, the Red Stars were provided with written notice of the Village's exercise of its right under its agreement with the Red Stars.

"In that notice, the Village stated that it and the Stadium Manager would work "in good faith" to address questions or concerns the Red Stars might have as to the concurrent event. The Red Stars failed to respond.

"The Village's decision to schedule Riot Fest had nothing to do with gender. As stated, the Village has held concurrent events at the Stadium during games for the Fire, the Hounds, and the Red Stars in the past. The Village's decision was strictly based on maximizing revenues from the Stadium for the Village taxpayers.

"The Village supports the Red Stars and looks forward to working with them to make sure that any concerns they have about sharing with Riot Fest a portion of the surrounding area around the Stadium are addressed and that Red Stars fans have the usual optimal fan experience on September 21, 2024, or whatever day they choose to play the game."

Riot Fest 2024 lineup announced, tickets on sale

At the same time it announced its new venue, the Riot Fest 2024 lineup was released.

Fall Out Boy will headline Friday, Beck and Pavement will headline Saturday, and Slayer will headline Sunday.

Other performers include The Offspring, St. Vincent, Rob Zombie, Bright Eyes, Dr. Dog, Public Enemy, Spoon, Sum 41, Cypress Hill, NOFX, and dozens more.

Two- and three-day passes are also now on sale, with single day tickets to be released at a later date.

Click here to see the complete lineup and buy Riot Fest tickets.

Chicago Park District Statement

"The Chicago Park District has learned indirectly that the organizers of Riot Fest have stated they do not intend to go forward with their event in Douglass Park this September. The permit application for the event has not been withdrawn, and in fact it is currently pending provisional approval by the Park District Board of Commissioners. This approval process by the Board is one that was established two years ago for Special Events Permit Review and ensures that organizers engage community to get feedback about impact to community and dialogue about event production adjustments that should be considered to address community concerns.

"The Chicago Park District has worked tirelessly to strike a balance between community interests and our Special Events organizers. Community voices are critical to our decision-making process, which is why a comprehensive community engagement process is a necessary component in evaluating a permit application.

"Last year, Riot Fest organizers completed this process successfully, received a permit and hosted their event in Douglass Park.

"For large-scale events our top priorities are to minimize the impact on the community, protect our park assets and ensure the organizers are planning a safe and well-organized event. It is imperative that an event organizer work with and understand the community in which they are hosting an event. Prior to Board approval, we require that they engage local residents, community organizations, elected officials, businesses and the Park Advisory Council to provide detailed information pertaining to the event.

"This year, the Chicago Park District reinforced its commitment to community by announcing the creation of a new initiative to reinvest a portion of event revenue fund directly back to the parks that host special events with 3,000 or more attendees. Parks hosting multi-day events with 3,000 or more guests, will receive a direct re-investment of 10 percent of the permit fees collected from event organizers in addition to any park restoration fees. A key part of the initiative are the engagement opportunities that residents will be invited to attend to provide feedback on the potential capital improvement projects."