Family of Chicago woman missing in Bahamas call for federal help on her birthday

Taylor Casey last seen June 19 on Paradise Island

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Thursday, July 11, 2024 10:39PM
Family of woman missing in Bahamas call for federal help
The family of Taylor Casey, a Chicago woman missing in the Bahamas, is asking for more help with the investigation on her birthday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago family is praying for a miracle that their daughter is found safe in the Bahamas.

Taylor Casey went on a yoga retreat three weeks ago. She hasn't been seen since.

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Thursday is her 42nd birthday. Her mom Colette Seymore said it's the first time they haven't celebrated together.

"Taylor, today is your birthday and we all just want to say 'Happy birthday' although it's not so happy because you are not here with us," Seymore said.

The mother and friend of Taylor Casey speak out on the missing Chicago woman speak out on her birthday.

The pain and heartbreak could be felt through Casey Taylor's mother as she read a letter to her missing daughter on what would be her 42nd birthday Thursday.

"The pain I felt 42 years ago birthing you doesn't compare to the pain I feel today," Seymore said.

Thursday morning, Taylor's family and friends celebrated with bubbles in front of city hall where they held a news conference calling on local elected officials to put more pressure on police in the Bahamas saying they have lost faith in the integrity of the investigation.

"And that's why we're calling on the senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to put pressure on the state department to tell the royal Bahamian police force to get the FBI down there right now and find Taylor," Emily Williams, Taylor's friend, said.

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The search for the Chicago woman is going on three weeks. Taylor was last seen on June 19 on Paradise Island where she was attending a yoga retreat.

Police in the Bahamas announced the discovery of Taylor's phone on Monday. But Taylor's friends and family believe the authorities are not doing enough to find her.

"They haven't even reviewed the CCTV footage from the neighboring Atlantis hotel," Williams said.

They also believe there is some prejudice involved since Taylor is transgender.

The mayor's office pledging support in all efforts to find her along with city and county officials.

"Today we will be calling on our federal delegation to do everything within their power to make sure that we are bringing Taylor home," Kennedy Bartley, managing deputy of External Affair's for Mayor Brandon Johnson's office.

"We know that there are too many trans and black women who have gone missing including my friend Elise Mallory and we are still waiting to hear results of that investigation. this can't be another instance of waiting," 48th Ward Alderman Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth said.

Meanwhile, Taylor's mother making a promise.

"And as God as our strength, we will never ever stop looking and searching for you until you are found," Seymore said.