Rescheduled Thornton Township meeting devolves into chaos as residents complain to Tiffany Henyard

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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Thornton Twp. meeting turns chaotic with complaints to Tiffany Henyard
A rescheduled Thornton Township meeting Thursday devolved into chaos as residents complained to Supervisor Tiffany Henyard over public comment time.

THORTON TOWNSHIP, Ill. (WLS) -- Once again, tempers ran high at a Thornton Township meeting Thursday.

At one point, the meeting was nearly shut down as residents yelled at one another and at Supervisor Tiffany Henyard.

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Many of the public comments took aim at Supervisor Henyard, who is also Dolton's mayor, and their lack of trust in her leadership.

Stop shutting down the voice of the people... we are going to speak whether you want us to speak or not.

Things turned chaotic fast. People jumped out of their seats in uproar.

Some residents were upset that the meeting was taking place after many of them said they had been left without answers after Tuesday's scheduled meeting was canceled. They said it was rescheduled without an explanation and after many residents waited for an hour.

Village of Dolton paid OAKK Construction in Summit hundreds of thousands of dollars in no bid no contract work, IL Answer Project found.

As public comment began, people were upset initially over the amount of time allotted for public comment.

"This has got to stop," a resident said. "Stop shutting down the voice of the people, and you won't have a problem, because we are going to speak whether you want us to speak or not."

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Later, the attendees went back and forth over what issues needed to be addressed.

"When we're here at the township, please conduct township business," another resident said. "Y'all fight in Dolton shouldn't be spilling over here."

As tensions rose, Henyard told people at the meeting the back-and-forth yelling was keeping the township from conducting business.

Henyard is currently the focus of a federal criminal investigation and has been named in several other lawsuits by current and former Dolton city employees.