Thornton Township residents accuse Supervisor Tiffany Henyard of misusing taxes at budget meeting

Saturday, June 1, 2024
Tiffany Henyard criticized at special Thorton Township meeting
Thornton Township residents accused Tiffany Henyard, who is also Dolton Mayor, of misusing tax dollars at a special Board of Trustees meeting Friday.

THORNTON TOWNSHIP, Ill. (WLS) -- A special meeting in the south suburbs got heated Friday as residents take on embattled Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

On their first vote, the board voted down a budget. With a deadline looming, they took a second vote and approved it.

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Residents have accused Henyard of misusing their tax dollars.

It was a raucous atmosphere. The meeting room at the Thornton Township board was packed, which is unusual to say the least for a Friday afternoon meeting that was rescheduled from Tuesday.

The township is doing well, but people running around telling lies
Tiffany Henyard, Thornton Township Supervisor

"It's hard to believe anything she says," resident Dex Moore said.

"Taxation without representation. The people have no say about them doubling the spending," resident Paul Robertz said.

Friday was legally the last day the board could approve a budget for the next fiscal year, so there was little time for debate. The township assessor, a political opponent of Henyard's, is critical of the budget.

"There's a total disrespect for people. We've never had that before," Township Assessor Kassandra Elston

Henyard, who also serves as the Mayor of Dolton, is the focus of a federal criminal investigation as well as being named in several lawsuits by current and former city employees. Several speakers referenced the investigation.

"People do not want to move to Dolton. They're not gonna come as long as she's here," resident Thelma Gant said.

The township's proposed budget nearly doubles spending from the previous year, despite lower revenue estimates. While ignoring the criminal investigation, the supervisor claimed she has operated the budget at a surplus since taking over in 2021.

"The township is doing well, but people running around telling lies," Henyard said.