Wedding during coronavirus: rescheduling your special day after postponing

Saturday, April 25, 2020
Rescheduling after postponing your wedding
Simple strategies to help take off some of the stress of having to postpone and reschedule your wedding.

COVID-19 is forcing so many of us to put our lives on hold, and that includes the couples who have had to postpone their weddings.

Chicago makeup artist Giselle Dozier joined ABC7 Chicago live with some strategies on how to rescheduling your special day.

Dozier said she hopes to give some hope and a positive perspective for the brides being so unfairly affected.

Giselle's top tips to help make rescheduling your wedding as painless as possible:

Get started right away

While you definitely don't want to panic, you still need to act quickly.

Let your guests know right away that you are postponing, and that they will be notified when a new date is selected. Make sure you update your website to keep everyone in the loop with the same information.

Be flexible with your new date

Start by contacting the most important vendor: your venue, to get their availability and choose from that a handful of alternative date options.

And if you have already done the work of securing your wedding vendors, you'll probably want to retain as many of those contracts as possible.

Consider picking a less popular day of the week like a Friday or Sunday to up your chances of keeping on the whole team you already spent time and energy assembling.

Read up on your vendor contracts

If keeping all your vendors on board proves impossible, make sure you take the time to revisit your vendor contracts so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to cancel. If you do have to cancel on a vendor, ask them for a referral, or maybe if they even have a team member they can send in their place and avoid losing that deposit all together.

Go small

Take some of the pressure off and downsize your rescheduled wedding. The less moving parts, the less stressful re-planning will be.

This is also the perfect excuse for uninviting obligatory guests, and creating a more intimate atmosphere.

Celebrate your original date

Most importantly, make sure you still celebrate your original date with your partner. Get dressed up, light some candles, cook a meal together or order food from your favorite restaurant that delivers. Have a glass of wine over Skype together with your closest friends and family.

You picked your original date for a reason so this should still be celebrated as a special day for the two of you.

I hope that these tips can be helpful in easing some of the stress of rescheduling, and don't forget to look for support from your vendor team. We all want to be your rock to lean on and will do everything in our power to support you in any way possible.

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