Head of Chicago Red Cross heading to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago chapter of the Red Cross is sending more than just supplies to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

With so much of the island still in crisis, two local women will soon be on the ground to help eight weeks after Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria.

Clean drinking water and food are still hard to get on Puerto Rico. About three hundred schools are still closed and about sixty percent of the island remains without power.

Monday morning, the head of Chicago's Red Cross boarded a plane headed to Puerto Rico to help. Celena Roldan and her mother Ida, a mental health expert, will try to help where they can:

"There's literally communities that still were encountering individuals that were seeing people, the Red Cross, for the first time and have had no contact since the hurricane hit," Roldan said.

There are currently some 500 Red Cross relief workers on the island providing aid but they have yet to get to many remote communities.

Former President Bill Clinton will travel to Puerto Rico Monday as well. He will meet with the governor and the mayor of San Juan. The Clinton Foundation has provided assistance to the island.

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