Quarantine Tutors: Teens launch free online tutoring for students across the country

BABYLON, New York -- Virtual learning has been an ongoing adjustment for students across the country since the coronavirus pandemic shut down schools for the year.

However, one Long Island native wanted to use her free time to create an online tutoring service to guide students transitioning to virtual learning.

"It's very difficult to learn properly when a lot of what is happening is self-teaching, but I started to wonder what it was like for the younger kids," said Julia Schnipper, President, and Co-founder of Quarantine Tutors. "One of my close friends Betsy Harris who is the vice president and co-founder, I talked to her and told her my idea about Quarantine Tutors and she helped me enact the goal."

Quaratine Tutors consists of high school students from across the country and cover a variety of subjects. On their website, parents can fill out a form indicating a specific learning plan for each student's specific needs.

The online sessions are done one-on-one and are completely free with a donation to Global Giving, which works on disaster relief funds supporting immediate and long-term relief and recovery work to areas impacted by disasters.

Donations to this fund will help communities on the front lines and provide them with resources they need to continue fighting the coronavirus.

"It's just so rewarding to see how happy the parents are just from our small initiative that we thought wasn't going to be that big and now has like blown up," said Schnipper. "We are very happy about it."

Even when quarantine ends, Schnipper plans to continue Quarantine Tutors throughout the summer offering not only education-based sessions but active virtual activities such as martial arts, dance, and music.


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