911 operators disciplined in Quintonio LeGrier police shooting

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Quintonio LeGrier called 911 3 times before he was shot
Quintonio LeGrier was shot a few minutes after his last 911 call, along with Jones, a downstairs neighbor.

CHICAGO -- Chicago officials say two workers at the city's 911 center have been suspended without pay for failing to send police to a West Side residence where a man later shot to death by police was calling for help.

LISTEN: Raw audio of Quintonio LeGrier 911 calls released

Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times on Dec. 26 from his father's apartment. But it wasn't until the third call the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communications sent a squad car to check on the 19-year-old.

One of the responding officers, Robert Rialmo, fatally shot LeGrier. The officer said LeGrier was coming at him with a bat. The officer also shot and killed a neighbor, 55-year-old Bettie Jones in what police said was an accident.

OEMC spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said Tuesday one of the call-takers from OEMC was given a three-day suspension for failing to send a squad car after the teen claimed in his first call that his life was being threatened. The person who picked up LeGrier's second 911 call was suspended for one day.

Below is full text of Quintonio and Antonio LeGrier's 911 calls:

Q: "Can you please send the police?"

Dispatch: "To where?"

Q: "4710 West Erie Street."

Dis: "What's wrong?"

Q: "I have an emergency."

Dis: "I need to know what's wrong."

Q: "Someone is ruining my life."

Dis: "Who? Where are they now?"

Q: "There in the house."

Dis: "What's your name?

Q: "Q."

Dis: "Where are you going to be Q?"

Q: "Are you going to send the police?" *He mumbles what sounds like an obscenity after this*

Dis: "Are you at the house?"

*more obscenities*

Dis: "Hello?"

1:21 Q: "Are you going to send the police or not?"

Dis: "Are you going to answer my questions?"

Q: "How are you talking to?"

Dis: "I'm talking to you? If you can't answer the questions, how do you expect me to assist you?

Q: "I already told you I am at the house."

Dis: "No you didn't. You told me that person was at the house."

Dis: "Any weapons involved?"

Q: "Nah."

Dis" Where are you going to be?

*more obscenities*

2:30 Q: "Yeah I need an officer at 4710 West Erie Street."

Dis: "37 what?"

Q: "4710 West Erie Street."

Dis: "OK, what's wrong?"

Q: "I just need an officer over here, OK?"

Dis: "No, it don't work like that. What's your emergency?"

Q: "I need to talk to an officer."

Dis: "OK what's wrong."

Q: "I need to talk to an officer."

Dis: "You can talk to an officer over the phone. I can connect you with one if you would like."

Q: "Someone's ruining my life."

Dis: "Is the person there with you now?"

Q; "Yes."

Dis: "Are you in an apartment or a house?"

Q: "A house."

Dis: "And your name?

Q: "Q."

Dis: "What's your last name?"

Q: "Are you going to send an officer?"

Dis: 'Yeah when you answer the question."

Q: "There's an emergency, can you send an officer?"

Dis: "Yes, as soon as you answer the questions. What's your last name?"


Dis: "If you can't answer the question I am going to hang up."


Dis: "Terminate the call."

4:40 "My son has freaked out. I need an officer at 4710 West Erie. 4710 West Erie I need police assistance."

5:12 "He's got a baseball bat in his hand right now."

Dis: "How old is he?

Antonio: "19"

Dis: "Has he been drinking?"

Antonio: "No."

Dis: "What's your name sir?"

Antonio: "Antonio LeGrier"

Dis: "OK. Watch for the police."