4 former Emanuel supporters demand his resignation

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There are no signs the controversy surrounding the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald is on the wane, as the demonstrations resumed Friday with black religious leaders up before dawn, complaining that Mayor Rahm Emanuel's apology earlier this week is not enough.

"We will not rest or accept the apology because we want results and we want change that leads to justice," said Bishop Tavis Grant.

The four African American ministers - all of whom supported Emanuel's re-election - are now circulating petitions asking for a vote of no confidence in the mayor. Bishop James Dukes declared war.

"In war there are going to be casualties and there is going to be friendly fire. So it's going to be some friends of ours that's going to go down and it's going to be some casualties, but at the end of the day, victory shall be ours," Dukes said.

At noon, another demonstration outside City Hall included more demands that the mayor resign. Some of the protesters allege Emanuel helped hide the Laquan McDonald video until after the mayor was safely re-elected.

"In all fairness, we should give him a chance to fix the problem, not just oust him because there is a problem," said Tonya Hunter, an Emanuel supporter.

"I can't say what happened at City Hall. I don't know what happened at City Hall. I don't know what they knew or when they knew it," said Michael Robbins, attorney for the McDonald family.

Robbins spoke after the McDonald family and its supporters held a news conference. A family spokesman said Emanuel is not the politician they want to resign.

"We have more of a problem in the Office of the State's Attorney when it comes to Laquan McDonald," said Rev. Marvin Hunter, McDonald's uncle.

Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez, whose office took 13 months to bring charges Officer Jason Van Dyke, said during Friday's ABC 7 Newsviews recording that she handled the case professionally.

"I would hope that the family will understand that and will understand that this is all done with one thing in mind: that 17-year-old boy," she said.

Also at the McDonald family news conference, the Rev. Marvin called on the White House to convene a summit on the West Side of Chicago. He wants a discussion not only on police brutality but on economic problems in America's big cities.

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