'Reasonable Doubt' star Sean Patrick Thomas talks playing accused killer in new Hulu series

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan WLS logo
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Sean Patrick Thomas talks playing accused killer in new Hulu series
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Sean Patrick Thomas spoke with ABC7 about his new Hulu show, "Reasonable Doubt," and with Kerry Washington in Chicago.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Reasonable Doubt" is a red hot new legal series streaming on Hulu.

Sean Patrick Thomas plays an accused killer, and the audience can't figure out yet if he's guilty.

"He doesn't care how he comes off. He doesn't care about presenting that face to the world, so there's something about that that is freeing, and exciting as an actor to get to play, and it's kind of a cliché that the bad guys have more fun but it's true. I can speak from experience," Thomas said of his character.

The series is from Onyx Collective, focused on projects created by people of color.

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"When you step on the set at 'Reasonable Doubt,' when you look behind the camera, and in front of the camera, almost everybody is a person of color. There's something about that, that's magical to see, there's something about that, makes you feel like, 'oh wow, this is what it must feel like for everybody else and now I get a chance to feel this way,'" Thomas said.

Kerry Washington is an executive producer and directed an episode.

"You worked with Kerry Washington before here in Chicago, and you both were just babies and now she's your boss," said ABC7's Hosea Sanders.

"I have the best memories of Chicago. I love Chicago. We had so much fun. We went out almost every single night doing research for 'Save the Last Dance,'" Thomas said.

Thomas appears as Mamie Till-Mobley's loving partner in "Till" as she turned her son's gruesome murder into a lesson for the nation.

"Honor and privilege of my life, to get to work on this story," Thomas said. "Gene Mobley was Mamie's fiancé at the time. He was Emmett's father figure. He taught him how to drive. He bought him clothes and took him to baseball games."

"Reasonable Doubt" is leaving everyone with one question: Did Brayden do it?

"What Brayden did or what Brayden didn't do will soon be revealed in just a few weeks so just sit tight!" Thomas said.

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