Sacred Heart Schools Glee Club: 'Stand Up'

CHICAGO -- Sometimes a simple assignment can turn into a powerful voice for change. This is what happened at the Sacred Heart Schools middle school music class. Teacher, Justin Taylor Nixon told his students to write whatever was on their minds, and a theme emerged, one of a need to end the violence they were seeing in the news. This is how the song "Stand Up" came into existence. Their teacher took their writings and composed a song to help them stand up against injustice.

They would like to dedicate this performance to the victims of the Orlando attack that happened over the weekend.

Stand Up is available on iTunes and Google Play for $0.99 and, to help spread their message of peace and impel greater action, the students and Mr. Nixon agreed that 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Howard Area Community Center, a non-profit that serves disadvantaged youth and families in neighboring Rogers Park.

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"Stand Up" music video:

Behind the Scenes of the making of the video:

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