Sexual history survey sent to 5th graders draws complaints

WINDSOR, Vt. -- A survey that asked fifth-grade students in Vermont about their sexual history, preference and gender identity has drawn complaints from parents.

The survey sent to Windsor Elementary School students was conducted by WISE, a nonprofit domestic violence prevention and advocacy group, WPTZ-TV reported .

A notice was sent to parents allowing them to opt their children out of the survey, but parent Vanessa Beach said she never received it.

While she doesn't oppose topics on gender identity and sexuality being discussed, Beach said she feels the survey questions were inappropriate for her daughter's age group.

"My daughter is 10. So are all the other kids who took this," Beach said. "A sexual partner at 10 years old would be called sexual abuse."

A WISE representative said the survey questions were created with University of New Hampshire researchers with whom the group is sharing the collected data.

Beach said she told the school and WISE about her concerns. School administrators and WISE officials said they are working to address parents' complaints. Students are told that they are not required to take the test and can choose not to, a WISE official said.

Beach said she appreciates other work WISE does to raise awareness about domestic violence.
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