Dolphin calf to make first appearance at Shedd

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Only 16 Pacific white-sided dolphins are in North American facilities, which makes the birth even more special.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A young dolphin will make his first appearance at the Shedd Aquarium on Saturday.

The Shedd Aquarium welcomed a Pacific white-sided dolphin calf to the family in April. On Saturday, Aquarium-goers will be able to see the calf for the first time at 11 a.m., just as the calf will be turning two months old, according to Shedd.

First-time mom Katrl and the male calf, born April 18, have been hitting their critical milestones. The calf has been learning to slipstream, or save energy by swimming in his mother's wake, according to Shedd.

Since the calf's birth in April, levels of the Secluded Bay at Shedd have been closed to the public so that Katrl and her calf can bond privately with no distractions.

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Pacific white-sided dolphin calf, Kukdlaa.
Shedd Aquarium

There are only 16 Pacific white-sided dolphins in North American zoos, which makes the arrival of this newest boy extremely significant. Shedd Aquarium is one of the only four North American aquariums with Pacific white-sided dolphins.