Sherri Papini abduction has striking similarities to cold case

REDDING, California -- Authorities investigating the abduction of California mom Sherri Papini are being haunted by a cold case disappearance with striking similarities.

16-year-old Tera Smith vanished in 1998.

Like Papini, Smith was also out jogging when she vanished.

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Both went to the same high school at the same time in the 1990s.

Papini even auditioned for the same role as Smith's sister in a 5th grade play.

And during the search for Papini, her husband reached out to the Smith family for advice.

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Tera's father, Terry Smith says, "He wanted to know just how to get by day to day and also dealings with law enforcement."

But Tera Smith has never been found.

Although no one was ever named in her disappearance, Smith's father has long suspected a local man.
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