Tips to keep smart devices safe during holiday travel

CHICAGO (WLS) -- You may be travelling with all of your devices this holiday season, but according to Chicago security firm Trustwave, you need to do a quick security check-up.

If you have an iPhone, make sure your Find My iPhone is enabled. And on other phones, make sure your location tracking is on, in case you lose your phone.

You may want to consider downloading or purchasing a Virtual Private Network app. This can help protect you in case you're searching on un-trusted or public Wi-Fi connections.

You may want to disable any notifications or access to controls while your device is locked. That way, someone can't get into your device if they find it.

Make sure you have a passcode, Face ID enabled, or a fingerprint enabled. You also may want to check out your auto lock feature. Change it to 1 minute or even 30 seconds.

And once you get to your hotel room, don't leave your electronics behind when you're hitting the streets and not in the room. Make sure you put them in a safe.

If you do leave anything behind in your room, you can skip the cleaning services. Remember to do this by putting the do-not-disturb sign in front of your door.

Trustwave also said hackers can actually look on the WiFi networks of hotels and see your name and your room number, and possibly use that information to go to the front desk and obtain another key. To avoid this, make sure you tell the staff at the front desk to not hand out any more keys unless you give them identification.

If you leave any devices at home when you travel, make sure they're powered off and not connected to WiFi. This will protect you from hackers on the prowl.

Experts say you can also disable the wireless feature on devices left behind, while you are traveling.
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