Bride has her 92-year-old Marine uncle as her 'something blue'

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"It gave me a lot of joy to see how happy he was that day." (Claire Bira/

This bride had a very touching "something blue" at her wedding: her 92-year-old Marine uncle.

Bill Lee Eblen was excited to serve as his niece Alison Ferrell's "something blue at her wedding. "From the moment I got engaged I knew I wanted to include my uncle Bill in a special way," she told ABC News. "I come from a family where we were taught to have the utmost respect and admiration for the armed services and honoring him as the 'something blue' just seemed like the natural choice."

Photos from the wedding in Cape Girardeau, Missouri show a beaming Ferrell kneeling next to her beloved uncle, who prepared a lot for his role in the ceremony.

"I immediately started doing more calisthenics, walking more instead of riding my little three-wheel bike," Eblen said. "I felt elated and honored to be a part of it."

Ferrell was grateful to have her uncle as part of her special day.

"Looking at him in his dress blues, it gave me a lot of joy to see how happy he was that day. And obviously a lot of pride for him and his service," she told ABC News. "I really wanted to highlight that day and give him some recognition because he definitely deserves it."
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