Google releases list of America's most misspelled words

PHILADELPHIA (WLS) -- From supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to pneumonia, there's a spelling - or misspelling - crisis apparently sweeping the nation.

Google would know because that's where most people turn when their initial suggestion is beyond help from autocorrect.

And so, in honor of National Spelling Week, Google has mapped America's most misspelled words.

In Illinois, "appreciate" is a most commonly searched in the phrase "How to spell..."

In Wisconsin - the most commonly queried word is "Wisconsin."

In Indiana, a lot of folks get tripped up on hallelujah - particularly the placement of that pesky "j." The same is true in Delaware.

Missouri and Texas both get tripped up by "maintenance."

In Kentucky, "beautiful" is found to be confusing - but that's also the case in New York, Minnesota, and California. Michigan has trouble with another commonly misspelled word - "pneumonia" - which also tripped up Googlers in Maine, Alabama, and Washington.

In Pennsylvania, sauerkraut seems to be stumping people. And with BBQ season in full swing...this is a good one to master.

And in New Jersey: Twelve. Jersey's isn't the only state stumbling on short words - in Oregon it's "sense," in Idaho it's "quote," in Rhode Island it's "liar," in North Carolina it's "angel," in Tennessee it's "chaos," in Mississippi it's "nanny," and in Georgia it's "gray."

Connecticut and West Virginia get the over-achiever awards for most commonly asking about "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

What words give you a rough time trying to spell?
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