Hobart bowling group strikes back at old age

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A group of friends from Hobart are striking back at old age - staying young by meeting friends at a Hobart bowling alley. (WLS)

Staying young - it's one of our goals in life. And for some senior citizens from northwest Indiana, staying young is all about meeting at the old bowling alley.

For as long as anyone can remember, it's been the same scene here every Tuesday and Friday morning at Cressmore Lanes in downtown Hobart, Ind. A gang of old guys gathers to bowl and tries to stay young.

"This is a bunch of guys who have known each other since probably the late 1950's or '60s. And we bowl together, golf together," said Mike Plisovich, who is 79-years-old and has a 180 average.

They average about 75 years of age and sometimes as many as 20 guys will show up. And if you show up, you better bowl - unless you have a really good excuse.

ABC7's Frank Mathie: "How old are you, Joe?"
Joe: "I'm 91."
Mathie: "You didn't bowl today, why not?"
Joe: "I had surgery on my bladder."

That surgery was this morning. He'll bowl next week and probably roll over 160. They are all basically good bowlers, some with averages near 200 or above. But the scores aren't the only reasons they're here.

"These are just a bunch of old guys who enjoy the spirit of competition and sometimes they feel they cannot compete in organized leagues," said Don Giedamann, who is 79-years-old and has a 215 average.

I learned something today. You don't pronounce the name of this town "Ho-bart." It's pronounced:

"Hobert, Hobert, Hobert, Hobert, Hobert," the bowlers said.

So these guys from Hobart get together in their spare time to strike back at old age, and basically just to make fun of each other.

"Whatever pops in your head say it. Yeah, why not. You can't say it on TV. I won't say nothing on TV," said Ron Smith, who is 71-years-old and has a 208 average.

In the winter they bowl. In the summer they golf. They play together in the golden years with bowling shoes with golden toes.
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