New moms get royal treatment for Mother's Day

CHICAGO (WLS) -- By order of the Queen - the Medieval Times Queen, that is - some of Chicago's newest moms are getting the royal treatment this Mother's Day.

Two Medieval Times knights stopped by Rush University Medical Center to surprise moms and their newborns with flowers, stuffed animals, and tickets to a future joust.

"This is already an amazing experience, so what a fun little treat to end our time here at Rush," said Ellen Yun while rocking her baby boy Benjamin in her arms.

Benjamin is Yun's second child, so she already knows well how tough the full-time job of mom can be.

"You're nonstop and you're just thinking about everyone else," Yun explained.

Zacyrah Jones welcomed the challenge, Friday. She's thrilled that her little girl Za'Nola Rivers arrived just in time for the holiday weekend.

"It feels really different but I'm also excited because I get to say I'm a mom," Jones said.

The knights helped celebrate the occasion in a unique way, though Yun made it clear her husband isn't off the hook.

"I delivered," she said, adding, "he better deliver."

If you're trying to up your game, you may need to buy some chocolates.

Cheryl Pirhofer stocked up for herself at Fannie May, just in case no one gets her any. But she's willing to share, proving once again why moms are the best.

"I'll share my Mother's Day chocolate with my son and anyone else in my family who would like to share in it," she said.

Don't worry, kids were in the store buying gifts, too.

"We'll never be able to repay them for what they've done, but chocolates are a good start," Sam Graham said as he picked out an assortment of treats for his mom.

He said it's also his mom's birthday weekend, so "she gets the big box."

No matter how you choose to celebrate, the best gift might be a simple message: "I love you."

Here's to a Happy Mother's Day, with love, to all the moms who never stop loving us!
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