Photo of Veteran wrapping baby in US flag sparks controversy

One photographer is facing backlash over her image of a baby wrapped in an American flag. (Vanessa Hicks Photography / ABC News)

She may be a Navy veteran, but one photographer is facing backlash over a photograph she took of a baby wrapped in an American flag.

Vanessa Hicks is a photographer based in Virginia Beach, Va. On Sunday, Hicks posted the following image of a soldier holding his baby, wrapped in an American flag to her Facebook page.

Hicks said her intention behind the photo was to honor the flag as well as her clients, who wanted to include to incorporate their military service into the photo shoot, according to ABC News. However, the photo has generated backlash, with many comments accusing Hicks of desecrating the flag.

One Facebook user said the photo was "disrespectful, rude, tacky, disgusting, and against the U.S. Flag Code." Hicks received many negative comments, even on her other photos.

"I know how low I felt during those first few hours," Hicks told ABC News. "(I felt) am I not a good American or veteran or wife. It's a train-wreck you can't help but watch."

However, many did come to Hicks' aide, saying that the photo was not desecrating the flag. "I have seen first-hand what is desecration of the flag ... at the end of the day I didn't do anything that disrespected this flag," Hicks told ABC News.

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