Illinois is 9th most gambling-addicted state, has the most gambling-related arrests, WalletHub finds

Gambling exists in every state, even the ones that prohibit it by law, but some states have a population of gamblers whose occasional lottery ticket or casino visit has snowballed into addiction.

Personal finance site WalletHub compared all 50 states across 20 key metric ranges, from presence of illegal gambling operations to adults with gambling disorders, to determine which states are the most gambling-addicted, and Illinois made the top ten.

The Land of Lincoln was named the 9th most gambling-addicted state in the U.S., and ranked 13th in the "Gambling-Friendliness" category. Illinois was also named the state with the most gambling-related arrests. The state is making an effort to combat gambling addiction, however. According to the report, Illinois ranked fourth in the "Gambling Problem and Treatment" category.

The most gambling addicted state may come as no surprise to some, as it is the home of Sin City - Nevada. The state took the top spot overall and ranked first in the "Gambling-Friendliness" category. South Dakota came in second and ranked 6th in the "Gambling Problem and Treatment" category. Montana ranked third, followed by Mississippi, which ranked first in the "Gambling Problem and Treatment" category. The final member of the top five is Oklahoma, which also ranked fifth in the the "Gambling-Friendliness" category.

The title of least gambling-addicted state went to Utah. Gambling is illegal in the Beehive State, so it also ranked as the least gambling-friendly state and tied for state with the fewest casinos and gaming machines per capita as well as lowest lottery sales per capita.

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