Stranger covers Dolton couple's prom costs

DOLTON, Ill. (WLS) -- Getting ready for prom takes a lot of work. And for this Dolton couple, a stranger's kindness.

"I'm surprised. I'm excited, really, right now. Just trying to keep it all together, not go over crazy with it," said Theodore Thompson.

He's shocked because Earley Walker donated $2,000 for the Thornridge High School seniors' prom costs. Outfits, makeup, and a new hair-do were all covered.

Walker said he wanted to donate a prom to someone in need, and this couple was an easy choice.

"They took a stance. They decided to stand up and be parents and be responsible," Walker said.

Sashawana Shepard and Thompson have a baby girl named Skylar. Even as Thompson works nights, they couldn't afford to take care of Skylar and go to prom.

But Friday night, they have a chance to celebrate. It's something they've worked hard to earn this last year.

"I have proved them wrong with finishing and being able to graduate on time with the rest of my class instead of graduating in summer school," Shepard said.

Her boyfriend is finishing high school on time as well, later this month.

But for now, they're smiling for the camera and soaking in the view like their classmates will on prom night.
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