Sofar puts on secret concerts around Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Secret concerts in Chicago? Sofar is an innovative approach to the musical experience. Each small, intimate concert is held in a unique venue like someone's living room or an abandoned warehouse.

Much of Sofar's allure is the mystery that surrounds it. Shows feature three artists performing live music, but the audience does not know who is performing until they show up.

"I think just the mystery between not knowing who you're going to see that night and what to expect, which is just such a great thing in showing up and seeing, you know, three different artists that you know might never see," said Rascal Martinez, who recently performed at a Chicago Sofar concert in Lincoln Park.

Attending one of these performances begins with applying for a ticket online. If you are "invited" to attend, Sofar will notify you via email so you can purchase your tickets, but you only receive an email 30 hours prior to the show telling you the exact location.

"This is not a normal concert," said Brandon Myers, a Sofar Ambassador. "You're here to experience music."

The concept for these unique concerts originated in London after a group of friends were dissatisfied with a loud, chaotic concert performance. They wanted to create something far more intimate where the audience could really connect with the music.

"I've never been to something so intimate, so close to the artist," said Haley Georges, who attended the Chicago Sofar performance in Lincoln Park.

For new and emerging artists like Martinez, Sofar's platform allows them to expand their fan base. Now in 439 cities around the world, Sofar gives artists the chance to perform in cities where it would otherwise be difficult for them to showcase their work.

"I think Sofar is a great opportunity to like get into a new city that you don't have a big following in and to really get a lot of exposure," Martinez said.
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