Ryne Sandberg game: 'Ryno' recalls career-making game 35 years later

CHICAGO (WLS) -- On June 23, 1984, the St. Louis Cardinals at the Chicago Cubs was the national game of the week. Ryne Sandberg became a household name that day, belting two late-game homers on a day he went five of six at the plate with seven RBIs leading the Cubs' rally for a win in extra innings.

"Ryno" relived the game that changed his career 35 years later.

"It's a quick 35 years, but I remember it like it was just yesterday," he said.

Sandberg recalled the thoughts going through his mind as he rounded the bases.

"Well just the amazement of being able to elevate two baseballs against (Bruce Sutter's) split finger fastball, which was a dominant ground ball pitch. Rounding the bases I remember I was amazed at the roar of the crowd and the visual sight of the crowd, things flying in the air. Half the stadium didn't have any shirts on; it was a nice warm day," he said. "(It was) just a big party that kept escalating and after the second home run. It was just over-the-top excitement."

Sandberg said the game put him on the map nationally.

"Fans starting showing up on the road to meet the bus, media picked up," he said. "It continued to grow and grow and just Cub fans coming out of the woodwork."

Man fans tell Sandberg that the game cemented their lifelong Cubs fandom.

"That's what I've heard... The word just seemed to spread," he said. "Then just the feeling of the team, like, 'Hey, we are a special group. This is something magical that's happening right now.' It showed everybody what we were doing as a team and everybody followed us the rest of the year."
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