Boston is among the winningest regions in sports

ByKeith Jenkins ESPN logo
Sunday, June 23, 2024

Many refer to Boston as "Titletown" because of the massive number of championship teams from the Boston metropolitan area over the years.

The Boston Celtics strengthened the area's claim to the title when they defeated the Dallas Mavericks for their record 18th NBA championship.

Between the Celtics (2024), Boston Red Sox (2018), New England Patriots (2018) and Boston Bruins (2010), the greater Boston area has seen its fair share of victory parades in recent years.

But which corner of the map has the strongest claim to the "Titletown" moniker? Is it Boston? How about New York/New Jersey? Or maybe Chicago? Here's a breakdown of the winningest metropolitan areas in North America.

Total championships

NY/NJ: 57

Boston: 40

Los Angeles: 34*

Chicago: 29

Detroit: 25

Montreal: 25

Most recent championships by region


2021, New York City FC, MLS

2011, New York Giants, NFL

2009, New York Yankees, MLB

2003, New Jersey Devils, NHL

1973, New York Knicks, NBA


2024, Boston Celtics, NBA

2018, Boston Red Sox, MLB

2018, New England Patriots, NFL

2011, Boston Bruins, NHL

Los Angeles

2022, Los Angeles FC, MLS

2021, Los Angeles Rams, NFL

2020, Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB

2020, Los Angeles Lakers, NBA

2016, Los Angeles Sparks, WNBA

2014, Los Angeles Kings, NHL


2021, Chicago Sky, WNBA

2016, Chicago Cubs, MLB

2015, Chicago Blackhawks, NHL

1998, Chicago Fire FC, MLS

1998, Chicago Bulls, NBA

1985, Chicago Bears, NFL


2008, Detroit Red Wings, NHL

2004, Detroit Pistons, NBA

1984, Detroit Tigers, MLB

1957, Detroit Lions, NFL


1993, Montreal Canadiens, NHL

*The Los Angeles Lakers account for 12, since they won five of their 17 NBA championships before relocating from Minneapolis prior to the 1960-61 season.

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