Woman caring for sick mom says squatters moved into her house, changed locks

ByCornell Barnard KGO logo
Thursday, March 28, 2019
Alameda woman says squatters moved into her house, even changed locks
Imagine leaving home for just 3 days and when you come back, your house has been taken over by squatters who are now living inside. That's what happened to Frankie in Alameda.

ALAMEDA, California -- A homeowner got the shock of her life to find squatters living inside her house, leaving the place trashed, and that's just the beginning.

Frankie, who chooses not to give her last name, showed KGO-TV the epic mess she came home to after caring for her sick mom for three days.

"They moved the furniture, even the washer and dryer," said Frankie.

The contents of her home were turned upside down by squatters.

"I'm still looking for my father's ashes... So if you see a box that looks like dad," she added.

Frankie says the squatters not only made themselves at home, they even changed the locks.

"There's no reason for anyone to be in there, let alone change the locks on my house," Frankie said.

A neighbor's security camera captured a white Kia pulling up in front of the house early Saturday morning. Someone could be seen getting out, walking out of frame and minutes later, the lights turn on inside the house. Then someone opens the front door.

Frankie returned home Monday and heard someone inside. Much to her surprise, it was a woman holding a small child.

Police say 24-year-old Amber Milan was cited for trespassing.

"The girl said she had been allowed to stay there by a third party, didn't provide further info," said Alameda Police Lt. Wayland Gee.

Police say three or more people may have have been squatting inside the house.

Frankie is now trying to put her life, and her house, back together. She doesn't know why squatters would choose her house. She says a real estate website mistakenly shows her home to be in pre-foreclosure. She says that's a mistake because she has no mortgage.

'It's devastating, and I don't want it to happen to other people," Frankie added.