'Stranger Things' Plainfield house shuts down display after neighbor's complaint

'Stranger Things' Halloween decorations outside home featured floating Max Mayfield

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Plainfield family shuts down 'Stranger Things' display amid concerns
A "Stranger Things" Halloween display in Plainfield, Illinois is closed after a neighbor voiced concerns about it.

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (WLS) -- A "Stranger Things" themed Halloween display in front of a Plainfield home is closed after a neighbor voiced concerns about it.

"Everyone seemed OK with it, until they weren't," said Aubrey Appel, who created the display.

Paying homage to the popular Netflix series, Appel and her family "dreamed up" the spooky seasonal setup displayed in their front yard. It replicates a scene from the show and features a life-like mannequin dressed as the character Max Mayfield appearing to hover in mid-air.

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"It was just really cool," spectator Kyle Mitchell said. "We saw it on Tik Tok and we just thought it was so cool you couldn't see any wires or anything."

The family said video of the display they posted on Tik Tok not only got more than 14 million views with everyone wondering what's keeping her afloat, but also some unwanted attention from a neighbor, who at first said they were okay with it when the Appels asked for permission prior to putting the display up.

"It's upsetting, you know, to be told, 'we support you, we're behind you, we understand why you're doing this'... and then to have that blow up in our faces," Appel said.

Possibly angered by the crowds and the popularity of the display, the family says the annoyed neighbor has accused them of bringing negative attention to the neighborhood, endangering the community's children and making the neighborhood the target of possible home invasions because of all the spectators. But other people who live here don't agree.

"It's just all families coming out to see such an amazing setup," neighbor Trina Mahon said.

The "Stranger Things" Halloween display remains shuttered for now.

The family says they didn't mean to cause a fuss and were just looking to have fun. They said they will talk with city officials to figure out what they can do to reopen the display.