Meet Bunny the talking dog!

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Monday, February 8, 2021
Meet Bunny the talking dog!
This dog can 'talk'!

What if your pet could talk to you? What if they could say they love you, they want to play, or that they're in pain? Well, Bunny the "Talking" Dog has been using buttons to communicate that and more with her human, Alexis.

This intimate journey started with a Sheepadoodle dog, a mom and an "outside" button. It's turned into a sprawling board of over 80 buttons and an endearing TikTok community of over five million followers.

As evidenced by comments on social media, Bunny's language-learning journey is opening people's eyes to animal sentience and deepening their compassion for animals. Bunny's human, Alexis, believes if animals could learn to communicate, it could revolutionize the relationships humans have with pets.