Man creates homemade hoverbike in his tool shed

Backyard inventor Colin Furze made the hoverbike in his tool shed for the Ford Unlearn Project. (Colinfurze/YouTube)

Do not try this at home.

YouTube star and backyard inventor Colin Furze created a hoverbike in his tool shed with funding from the Ford Unlearn Project. The campaign gives funding toward ideas that reimagine possibilities "to make progress in all aspects of our lives," with a focus on mobility.

In a video planning his hoverbike, Furze says his hoverbike is powered by two motors, each spinning a propellor blade in opposite directions like a Chinook helicopter. This is to prevent the bike from spinning around in circles.

The only problem is that it's a really wonky ride, and it isn't very stable.

"Control in this thing, at all, is a small miracle," said Furze.

Furze explained that he tried to add stability controls onto the bike, but couldn't afford to add any extra weight without being grounded.

"But this is why I chose to do the hoverbike. The whole unlearned philosophy is try new things and go in new directions," said Furze. "I definitely think I'm doing that with this."
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