Teenager escapes prison, steals truck; considered armed and dangerous

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. -- A dangerous teenager is reportedly on the run with a stolen truck after escaping custody in Tennessee Thursday, according to police.

The teenager has identified as Tai Tyron Harrell, 16. Harrell has a history of assault and other violent crimes. He was being held at the Murfeesboro Juvenile Detention Center for the Clarksville, Tennessee Police.

Officials told WKRN that Harrell escaped custody around 1:42 p.m. Thursday. He should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees him should not approach him and immediately call 911.

According to Rutherford County, Tennessee officials, Harrell was being held on ten counts of aggravated assault, felony reckless endangerment, evading arrest and leaving the scene of an accident.

Clarksville Police said Harrell also has 24 juvenile crime petitions on file.

Police believe Harrell later stole a 2019 Silver Tundra pickup truck from Parker Brothers Window Tinting. There was a loaded Springfield .45 pistol inside the vehicle. The truck has two-day-old temporary tags with the number #0445005 and tinted windows.

Harrell is described as approximately 5'6" tall and 120 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white and black prison-style jumpsuit. He also has a tattoo of Bart Simpson on this right forearm and the numbers 410 tattooed on his left forearm.

Clarksville Police have been looking for Harrell for months. He was reported missing on August 7, 2018, and has been on the run ever since. He was last spotted at an apartment complex in Clarksville on March 29.