Oops: UK astronaut Tim Peake calls wrong number from space

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Friday, December 25, 2015
British astronaut Tim Peake, member of the main crew of the expedition to the International Space Station (ISS).

LONDON -- Anyone can dial a wrong number, but it's not often done from outer space.

British astronaut Tim Peake tweeted an apology on Christmas Day from the International Space Station after calling a wrong number.

He wrote "I'd like to apologize to the lady I just called by mistake saying 'Hello, is this planet Earth?' - not a prank call - just a wrong number!"

The 43-year-old former army helicopter pilot did not say who he was calling.

Millions of Britons have been following his mission closely since he became Britain's first publicly funded astronaut and the first Briton to visit the space station.

The nation seemed to come to a halt during liftoff Dec. 15 as many stopped what they were doing and nervously watched live coverage of him leaving the earth for outer space.

An astronomer told Britons they might have a chance to view the space station as it transits above the earth on Christmas Day.

Robin Scagell of the Society for Popular Astronomy said the station would be flying relatively low when it passes over London and would be "the brightest star in the sky, moving rapidly from west to east."