Chicago commuters most likely to feel happy behind the wheel, survey says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new survey about commuting found Chicago drivers are most likely to feel content and happy while behind the wheel. talked to people who drive themselves to work in five major cities.

The company's survey also said Chicagoans are more likely to spend their drives listening to music and singing.

Many Chicago area drivers may not agree, based on how congested city streets and highways can get during high-traffic times.

Commuters in Atlanta are the least likely to be annoyed or angry when they're driving, but they're most likely to speed.

Drivers in Los Angeles hate their commutes the most and are most likely to be stressed behind the wheel. They also rank as the worst for congestion.

Houston drivers are most likely to say their fellow drivers are courteous. They also admit to being distracted by their phones.

Commuters in Washington, D.C. are most likely to feel annoyed, angry and exhausted while driving. The survey said they often take out their frustrations by swearing.
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