College admissions scandal: Woman landed spot on UCLA soccer team with no experience, prosecutors say

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA's women's soccer team is the latest program to be caught up in the national college admissions scandal.

A woman landed a spot on the school's elite soccer team with no experience in the sport at all.

Court documents allege Lauren Isackson's parents were involved in conspiring to get her into the school.

Isackson was admitted to UCLA as an athletic recruit in 2016. But prosecutors say she never played competitive soccer.

Her credentials were allegedly falsified including belonging to the Woodside Soccer Club in Northern California.

But the director of that program says not only did Isackson not play for the club, but there wasn't even a team for her age group.

"We have been unable to substantiate any claims or proof that she ever participated on any of our teams," said Zak Ibsen, coaching director of the Woodside Soccer Club. "We didn't even have any girls teams that are this age group during this 2012-2016 period."

Federal prosecutors allege Isackson's parents Bruce and Davina conspired to bribe a UCLA coach to pass her off as a recruit.

Court documents say: "On or about July 15, 2016, Isackson transferred 2,150 shares of Facebook, inc. stock, having a value of approximately $251,249 to KWF."

KWF is the Key Worldwide Foundation, a charity of college admissions consultant Rick Singer.

Singer is accused of bribing coaches to pass off his clients' children as athletic recruits to get them into elite schools.

Prosecutors allege Jorge Salcedo, a UCLA men's soccer coach, sent Isackson's fake profile to an unnamed women's soccer coach shortly after she gained admittance.

Fifty people have been indicted in the alleged college admissions scam, including coaches, university officials and parents, among them Hollywood actresses.

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UCLA officials say student privacy laws prevent them from discussing individual students. but they say all teams include student-athletes with varying levels of athletic achievements.

"Some team members are on the roster for the purposes of preparing the team for competition, and may not play in games," the school said.

"As the indictment against UCLA men's soccer coach Jorge Salcedo recounts, Salcedo provided UCLA with a falsified soccer profile."
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