Sick children take fantasy flight to North Pole, meet old St. Nick

Chicago-based United Airlines helped make a Christmas wish come true for dozens of worthy kids.

The fantasy flight to see Santa was filled by 125 children battling illnesses.

"This is just amazing for her," said Carrie Wesley, the mother of one of those lucky kids. "Trips like this give her the strength to keep going."

The United Airlines 777 was decked with holly and staffed by volunteers.

"So we're just ready to give back, provide support and show the children a wonderful time," said Captain Mel Mason, Jr.

The flight arrived at the gates of the North Pole with magical supersonic speed. The children were greeted by a cavalcade of characters.

"I was kind of overwhelmed by how much stuff there was like right off the bat, with all the characters everywhere. It's pretty crazy," said 12-year-old Alex Eissenstat, who was on the flight.

Alex, who's in remission, spent his time with old St. Nicholas thinking about his younger brother, who didn't make the flight.

When the jolly old man asked Alex what he wanted for Christmas, he knew right away.

"Legos. And for my brother to talk because he can't - because he has down syndrome and Autism," Alex said.

"We're all pulling for your brother," Santa responded. "And you know what? Thank goodness he's got you."