University of Chicago students protest, demand transparency from school on Israel-Hamas war

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Friday, November 10, 2023
UChicago students demand transparency from school on Israel-Hamas war
University of Chicago students held protests Thursday to demand transparency from the school on the Israel-Hamas war.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The roars continue on college campuses Thursday, advocating for peace in the Middle East.

Students are coming together at the University of Chicago Thursday for a rally. They have demanded a public meeting with the school president to discuss the transparency of university investments that may be related to the Israel-Hamas war.

"This is not a new fight," said a third-year University of Chicago student who chose to remain anonymous. "These are not new demands, but we are gaining momentum as a nation and college campus, and we are here outside of Levi Hall to make it clear that business will not and cannot continue as normal."

University of Chicago United for Palestine is the organization leading the protest. The students highlighted the diversity of their group that is sending their message.

"I'm actually a Jewish student here today," the third-year student said. "I'm not alone in any means. This is not a collection of angry Muslim students who hate Jews, not at all. This is a solidarity movement."

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Students across campus said it's on their generation to stand up for what's right. Another demonstration on campus Thursday had students lay teddy bears out in the quad to represent the 35 children that are being held hostage by Hamas.

"We can't imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, so we want the world to know about it and care about it," University of Chicago student Kate Orlanskai said.

The students who laid the teddy bears out said they also want the university to stop others from tearing down visuals across campus.

"I want the university to hold people accountable who do take down posters or deface demonstrations," University of Chicago student Akiva Shlomovich said. "We put these posters all over campus and they've been torn down, vandalized. We will not stop fighting for these children."