7 U Chicago students report their drinks were possibly drugged at parties, 1 assaulted: officials

ByLiz Nagy and ABC7 Chicago Digital Team WLS logo
Friday, November 4, 2022
7 U Chicago students report possible drugged drinks, 1 assaulted
University of Chicago officials said seven undergraduate students reported their drinks may have been drugged at parties, and one reported an assault.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- University of Chicago officials said they've received reports from seven undergraduate students that drugs may have been put in their drinks at parties, one of whom said they were sexually assaulted.

In a message to students Thursday, safety officials said since September they've received seven reports of drugs possibly being put in drinks without students' knowledge or consent.

Students ABC7 spoke to said they believe the number of druggings is exponentially higher.

"We had to make sure one of our friends got home safe because she had that experience," said Alex Webb, freshman. "It was actually very scary because she couldn't feel her legs."

Another student, who asked not to be identified, recounted her own terrifying experience.

"Because you're unconscious you don't really know what's going on," she said.

Her incident was not one of the seven now under investigation, she said.

Officials said Tuesday a student reported they were likely sexually assaulted in a dorm room after attending a party where they suspected their drink had been drugged. The party and assault happened on October 28, school officials said.

No further details about that assault have been released.

"Honestly I think it's really disgusting and I think it's unnecessary," said freshman Ryan Adzaho.

"I think people are definitely re-evaluating where they want to go to hang out on a Friday night," said student Caroline Waldmann.

A university spokesperson said no police reports were filed in any of these incidents, and they took place primarily off campus. The school is seeking more information as part of their investigation into the reports.

The letter said the reports are being taken seriously and investigated. "Such behavior is unacceptable, not tolerated within this community, and may be criminal," administrators said in the letter.

"I'm glad the university is saying something about it, but there definitely needs to be more done with feeling secure to speak up about it and feel there's going to be something done," said freshman Janya Allen.

Students are encourage to report any further incidents to campus safety and other appropriate officials.